February 17th, Asian Express Aviation Group signed theMOU with TCab Tech for the order of 50 E20 eVTOL aircraft. Attendees at themeeting were Asian Express Aviation Group Chairman, Mr. LIU Qing (2nd person from the left), Vice President of Asian Express Aviation Group Mr. YANGLi (1st person from the left), Founder and CEO of TCab Tech, Mr. YonWui NG (3rd person from the left), and Co-founder and CMO of TCabTech, Mr. JIANG Jun (4th person from the left).


Vice President of Asian Express Aviation Group, Mr. GOU Jiuhong,and the General Manager of Shandong Asian Express, Mr. LIU Quan also joined themeeting. Both companies were delighted about the potential of the eVTOLindustry and the Chinese aerial-ridesharing opportunities.



Asian Express Aviation Group expressed their views that the E20 isthe right aircraft to penetrate into the Chinese aerial-ridesharing marketbecause:

1.     The E20 is designed for short-range travel between 30 - 150kilometers, it can be a good extension for Asian Express Aviation’s existingaerial-sightseeing and short-range transport offerings.

2.     The E20 selling price and maintenance cost are much lower than theexisting helicopters, which reduce the riding price towards that of aconventional taxi when operating at scale.

3.     With much lower noise in flight, the E20’s operations in thetourist spots and/or in the cities can have better public acceptance.

4.     With cruising speed of 260 km/h and maximum cruising speed of320km/h, the E20 is superior to other eVTOL configurations because itstravelling time is much shorter than what its counterparts can offer.


By adding the E20 to the existing fleet, Asian Express AviationGroup intends to expand its low-altitude flights, in particular the large and currentlyunder-served tourism markets. Additionally, E20 could complement Asian ExpressAviation Group's intermodal transportation offering serving the 300-500kminter-cities business to provide safe and convenient air mobility services tothe public. The meeting also discussed how Asian Express Aviation Group couldbecome the MRO service provider for the E20 in China.



Asian Express Aviation Group is a leading diversified aviationindustry group in China, with wholly owned, controlled, or authorizedmanagement of more than ten enterprises such as Inner Mongolia ExpressAirlines, Hunan Asian Express General Aviation, Wuxi Asian Express GeneralAviation Co., Ltd., Shandong Asian Express General Aviation Co., Ltd., andJiangxi Express Commuter Aviation Co., Ltd. It holds CCAR-91, CCAR-135,CCAR-145, and CCAR-147 operation qualifications and is the largest strategicpartner and authorized service center of Pilatus Aircraft Ltd. in East Asia. Asa pioneer and practitioner of short-distance transportation and commercialparachuting in China, Asian Express Aviation Group leads the industry forshort-distance transportation, aerial photography and surveillance, andlow-altitude consumer transportation services since it started operations in2018. Currently, Asian Express operates more than thirty Pilatus aircraft.


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