TCab E20 eVTOL aircraft has taken off into the sky of Hengdian Airport in China! This is a significant milestone in the commercialization of the aircraft designed by the dedicated team of TCab engineers, and tirelessly bringing the aircraft from assembly to its first successful flight test in a mere 4 months.


Prior to this flight test, TCab had conducted multiple test flights on its full-scale frame model that validated the design and the reliability of the power and energy system. These test flights also generated a large amount of test data that has helped the flight control team to refine its flight control law as each new test flight was conducted in the way a real aircraft flight test would be tested. As a result of this continuous optimization, E20 achieved a resounding success during its first flight test.


TCab’s mission is to commercialization a manned eVTOL aircraft that is safe and brings about convenience in passenger air travel. TCab has dedicated a great amount of resources in selecting and integrating world-class vendors and systems to ensure that E20 will be of high safety and reliability standards when it obtains its standard airworthiness certificate.

The E20 eVTOL is a fixed wing, tilt-rotor configuration aircraft and uses TCab developed, tilt control law. It is equipped with a high-power, low-speed, five-bladed, large diameter propeller smart electric motors and uses 800v high voltage system. The aircraft operates in low noise during flight, consumes less energy and charges faster. E20 incorporates first in kind, Cell-To-Wing (CTW) design that combines battery in wing structure that greatly increases safety, improve structural efficiency, and makes the aircraft lighter.


E20 could fly the distance of 200km at the maximum cruising speed of 320 kilometers per hour. 4 of the 6 rotors can be tilted. The other 2 rotors propellers will be locked in place as it transits into forward flight mode to reduce drag. E20 aircraft is fully electric, its electrified architecture design simplifies the power transmission and makes flight more convenient and safer.

The E20 eVTOL is equipped with 6 ENGINeUS™ smart motors from Safran Aircraft Engines to provide continuous and reliable power to the aircraft. E20 also uses Safran power cables and avionics harnesses for its energy and signal transmission between equipment.

“The successful first flight of the TCab E20 eVTOL is an important milestone for China’s urban air mobility and we are delighted to be part of it, which will further strengthen Safran Group’s market position in China’s electric vertical take-off and landing field”, Safran Electrical & Power, Mr Thierry Sieg, Safran vice president of sales and marketing.


As an international high-tech group company, Safran has established a strong market position in China's civil aviation sector, with its business covering various market segments and actively participating in China's major aircraft, helicopter, and engine projects.

Shanghai TCab Technology Co., Ltd. is an innovative enterprise in China that develops electric aircraft. TCab has developed its own tilt-rotor E20 eVTOL aircraft (electric vertical take-off and landing aircraft). Such an aircraft shall become an important and indispensable air transportation technology for the world. TCab is a leading Chinese electric aviation company, its mission to provide safe and convenient air travel services to society. TCab means "time taxi". The company is committed to creating a green, sustainable, and dynamic air transportation ecosystem, providing efficient and convenient air travel to the mass.

The E20 eVTOL is expected to become the first domestic tilt-rotor manned electric vertical take-off and landing aircraft to obtain standard airworthiness certification. Mr Huang Yongwei, founder and CEO of TCab, said that completing the first flight tests is testament to the company’s progress and it also marks the new beginning a series of new flight tests to come. TCab will continue to invest and accelerate its pace in the research and development and completing the certification of E20 eVTOL aircraft.

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