We firmly believe that three-dimensional traffic will enter the daily life of the public.    After a century of development, the experience and lessons accumulated by generations of airmen from the ups and downs of success and failure have become the laws, regulations, advisory notices, industry and enterprise standards of various countries, which are the gifts of millions of forerunners to later generations.   In the historical trend, the aviation industry is also facing the transformation of electrification and intellectualization, as well as the impact of cross-industry development concepts. Only by not forgetting the original intention of aircraft design and looking directly at the gains and losses of other mountains, can we stand up to the tide.

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Founder & CEOYon Wui NG

-20 years of international aeronautical working experience

-Former VP GM for Geely Terrafugia
-Former Head of Engineering for Airbus China
- Early career in Australian general aviation design and modification
- Malaysian in China

Co-Founder & CMOJun Jiang

- Former SVP for AutoFlight
- Former VP for DeepBlue Technology Intelligent Environment BU
- Co-founder of ZaiJiaAdd online-store

Co-Founder & Chief EngineerYinji Huang

- Co-founder and Chief Engineer of Oxai Aircraft

Co-Founder & COOShawn

- Former Head of Engineering for Geely Terrafugia China
- 10 years of international automotive and racecar working experience

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